Copper is super smart, protective and sweet. Always present in the moment and likes to guard his pack. For example, if the whole family is on a walk and be senses someone has dropped behind he will stop and look back and have us wait till pack member catches up. He is a complete “gentleman” as he will find the most secluded spot possible when taking care of big business and will share his food and water with his girlfriend (often making way so she can even drink first). He knows lots and lots of tricks, like limping on three legs or leaping up and jumping into your chest so you can catch him in your arms.

We use to do agility training and he picked up on all the “basic” course obstacles that instructor bumped him up to the next level of training.

Once I switched to a plant based diet, three things happened:

(a) He stopped snoring

(b) No more mucus from his eyes

(c) Reduction and even elimination of the dry patch skin marks (without medication)