🐕 She loves to swim and carry sticks. She had cruciate ligament surgery on her knee when she was almost 2 years old and although it was successful, she has had arthritis ever since. Just before she switched to a vegan diet, her arthritis was so bad that she could barely stand up some mornings. Since switching, I have noticed a tremendous improvement. This video is of her on her 11th birthday playing in the snow (1-year vegan). I would have never believed she would be able to play like this again. 💕🐕 My theory is that the vegan diet has reduced the inflammation in her joints. Another benefit is that the vegan food has fewer calories so I can feed her more volume and keep her more satisfied, while still easily staying lean (important for knees). Another huge benefit is her smell. As an elderly-dog she began to really stink, like rotting from the inside out (I had to get her anal gland cleaned every few weeks) and now she has almost no odor at all, has very normal digestion and doesn’t need the procedure anymore. Finally, like most elderly labs, she had little fat stores and cysts growing on the skin, now they have all shrunk or disappeared and I can barely find any. All in all, going vegan has had such a positive impact on Hallie’s life and given her vibrancy I thought she would never have again. I 100% support switching the entire LA shelter system as well as all future shelters to feeding their pets vegan diets. Hallie’s 11th Birthday Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWz4ttZpV3c&feature=youtu.be Below is her photo.