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Banana has been on a homemade, all organic, whole foods plant based diet for just shy of one year. She was limping and cried out in pain every night when I first adopted her 2 Decembers ago. That is all in the past, today she ran with joy up my hill with me. ย She is […]


Loveable arsehole. Contagiously happy. Barker extraordinaire. Houdini. Playful af. Always looking for new friends, whether they be dogs, cats, people, pigs around his size, if they are wanting to play then so is he. He loves walks, dog parks, car rides, tug of war, snacks, but most of all he loves playing outside with his […]


Copper is super smart, protective and sweet. Always present in the moment and likes to guard his pack. For example, if the whole family is on a walk and be senses someone has dropped behind he will stop and look back and have us wait till pack member catches up. He is a complete โ€œgentlemanโ€ […]


Found them injured on the street one year apart. Washed them, shaved all their old fur, started feeding them real food (organic rice, veggies, fruits, potatoes, seaweed, spirulina, banana ice cream etc.. plus a vegan, dry dog food). Within a matter of two weeks, they had become playful, full of life again like a normal […]

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